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About El-Synergy International

El-Synergy International is a pan-African company @ its very core. We believe it is a new dawn for Africa and that it is time for Africa to rise up like a giant that She really is.

She has been in the dust and trampled upon for a long time, but all that is beginning to change, because the time is ripe for a tectonic shift from mediocrity to excellence, from corruption to stellar character, and from waiting to be fed crumbs to using what we have to fashion out opportunities for ourselves.

The challenges we face no doubt are gigantic, deeply entrenched and very cultural in nature; but as with every story of change in history, a time comes when there is an unveiling of the real deal. Africa has the real deal by all standards.

We will now begin to make things come to fruition. We shall amalgamate not just geographical spaces but dreams, merge our aspirations and energies. And with some careful nurture, the fruits will ripen and be edible in no distant time.

We have been fed for too long, pitied for ages, but in this day and age, a new calibre of people are being awakened to responsibility and action. We have listened to the stories our fathers dreamed about, and over time our own dreams are maturing into ideas, that are gradually driving the most of us to action.

We recognize the next salient step is to infuse and forcefully inject effort into these dreams of ours, yet with patient approach so that we carry most people along.

Without doubt, we owe a lot of salutation to generations before us, our heroes past, and we believe their labors will not by any means be in vain. We are the very product of their sweat, blood and serial sacrifices; from those who we know their names to those seemingly forgotten.

The duty and work that rests on our shoulders is one that though is staggering, yet is very doable. So for us it has become a case of “No Retreat, No Surrender” and we have set our sights on the goals that give us the momentum to stay awake at night to birth this future.

The energy and gusto is there, the willingness isn’t in any way lacking, now we only ask for the strength to not give up in this great revolution.
This is in summary the nitty-gritty of what the El-Synergy International fabric is all about.